Time Management Training

Time Management Training

We need to think about how we manage time differently nowadays. Too many distractions, social media, short attention-spans all add up to less productivity and wasted time. This workshops gives you a unique system you won't see anywhere else to get twice as much done in half the time!

A Unique Time Management System For The Rest Of Your Life!
Half-Day - £995 plus VAT (£699 two hours online)

  • A different way of thinking about how and where we spend time
  • Abandon traditional 'to-do' lists: A better approach
  • How to make email 'stress-free'
  • Reduce time-stealing and distractions from others
  • How to stop putting things off
  • Time management training to change your life!

Traditional time-management training tells us to focus on urgency v importance: but how on earth do you do that - surely most things are urgent and important! We are also taught to have 'to-do lists' - but they never end. How often do you leave work managing to tick off everything you were supposed to have done today?

Today, the bewildering range of apps out there to help us organise ourselves has also made it even more difficult. System overlaying system, and we now have four or five different ways of keeping tabs on things. Email doesn't help: its another techy thing with lots of workload sitting in it, so we get to the end of a to-do list and realise there is still six more hours of work coming out of email - and I'm only here for another hour today!

Then there are the distractions around us and the fact that our concentration spans are more limited than they ever used to be. We distract ourselves onto You Tube, sports sites and Facebook - we intended to get in the zone and work on something for an hour - but it didn't happen.

So we need a new, simple way of getting stuff done in less painful ways - This workshop gives you a unique mechanism that brings everything, including email, together in one powerful approach.

A Taste Of What We Do: