Personalised Performance Review

The Personalised, Flexible Alternative to Annual Appraisals / Traditional Performance Review

Performance appraisal and performance review processes aren't directly improving results in most organisations. What you're doing isn't necessarily working and here's ten reasons why:

  • Too many systems (online or not) are aimed at capturing what HR wants to see, police and report on – it’s designed for them! Managers already do lots of regular, informal 121s and then have to do 'formal' performance review too!
  • The process is normally one-size-fits-all and the manager has to compliantly follow every step with every team member, and with the same frequency irrespective of how well they are doing
  • Managers don’t have the time to wade through lots of admin-heavy clicks, screens and paperwork
  • They would rather have conversations without the need to then waste time documenting everything that was said as if collating ‘legal evidence’.
  • Any performance review process needs to be straightforward enough that the worst manager will want to do it – your best managers are already doing the ‘best practice’
  • Online systems are full of ‘shout outs’, ‘emojis’, ‘celebrating success’ and ‘feedback’ gimmicks to justify their cost: few people use or need them because they already tell the person verbally or write it in an email!
  • Ratings are pointless, subjective and full of discontent – if they are there for reward calculation reasons then do the money bit another way
  • Most performance/development objectives are poorly worded, full of buzzwords, are not result-focused and stretched over rigid 6 and 12 month periods
  • The typical process/system doesn't address underperformance early enough or have a direct focus on retaining great people
  • Something that should be simple has been made too complicated



The Solution? Click on the Chinwag image for full details/prices
  • We did it with flexible benefits, we're doing it with hybrid-working and now its time to move on to performance reviews. A way of working that is right for each individual rather than the one-size-fits-all traditional approach. Welcome to Chinwag!
  • It’s not a ‘bells and whistles’, expensive online system, its a different way of doing things day-to-day in a simple, 'admin-lite', low-tech way
  • Our process merges 'informal' 121s and the more 'formal' performance review processes and is based on a prompted conversations approach across 365 days a year: If you’re happy with your team member’s performance and they are happy with how things are going then the process you follow with them is different and quicker than with someone who may want/require more attention
  • A different approach to objective-setting: Move on from the SMART cliché with our unique, plain-English 'three triggers/five-step system' that ditches the management/corporate-speak! Achieve job results PLUS the holy grail: the behaviours you want!
  • A particular focus on the best and worst performers
  • Key, powerful KPIs to track performance improvement
  • Quality-control mechanism rather than just meaningless ‘% completed’ stats
  • The link to pay/bonus decisions - a new approach.
  • Access to our unique 'Goal Finder' database to help managers design powerful performance objectives. We can also ‘180 flip’ how you currently handle job descriptions and behavioural frameworks.
  • Consultancy, the approach and what's needed to roll-out our simple process to your people starts from just £399.
  • FREE OFFER: Send over your current performance review templates and some example objectives and we'll give you some free recommendations to improve things.