Strategy & KPIs: Simplified

Strategy. Simplified.

Struggling to demonstrate impact/value? Teams all over the place priority-wise?, Things feeling a bit scattergun and confused? People can't describe where the team/business is going?

Our three-step process gets teams and SME's all on the same page with a clear strategy and all heading in one direction:

  1. The strategic priorities: Identifying what we should be doing strategy-wise and how to overcome challenges - A simple, non-jargon methodology to map out the path ahead.
  2. Designing powerful KPIs: How you'll know the strategy is working on a day-to-day basis. A unique and inspiring methodology that keeps you pointing in the right direction - includes an 'early warning system'!
  3. The momentum factor: A unique, visual mechanism that will keep the team on track.

We provide the mix of training, facilitation and consultancy that will deliver the three steps for your organisation/team - and all from £995 plus VAT.

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AND - If you're looking to bring the whole team together for some business mixed with personal development then the One Direction No-Fluff Teambuilding day is for you.