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Lightbulb Moments

5 ways to move forward on tasks you're avoiding
How to respond to negative feedback
3 habits to improve critical thinking skills
How to work with a workaholic colleague
New hires paid more=Top performers resigning!
Three magic ingredients for painless people management
THE LATEST: Our updated menu of workshops
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Lightbulb Performance

Job descriptions that hire the right candidate
3 ways to improve employee retention
7 ways managers can help their team focus
Motivating high performers you can't promote
How to communicate a difficult team message

Seven people analytics tips
Stream the Webinar: SMART objectives reimagined!

Lightbulb Legal

FREE employment law advice
Labour's potential employment law to-do list
Redeployment rather than dismissal?
Volunteers being paid?
Caution on probation dismissals!
When does discrimination extend over a time period?