Objective-setting: Add ONE MAGIC INGREDIENT!

TAKE A FEW SECONDS TO GOOGLE 'OBJECTIVE SETTING'. You will be told what the cliche 'SMART' acronym stands for but not much in the way of examples. And any that are given are the obvious ones: eg 'Increase sales by X'! And some aren't objectives at all: 'Put together a plan of action by X date' is just a task! It's no wonder that 86% of objectives are poorly-worded, don't get the desired results and people-managers struggle with the process.

Never more than now has being really clear around results expectations been so important. Hybrid and remote working mean that managers can struggle with visibility around performance and what's getting done. Our approach resolves this once and for all!

Take a look at our short video below on more powerful objective-setting:


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  • Includes the 'three triggers' that tell you if and when objectives will be needed
  • The three steps to identify and measure results for any aspect of any role
  • Our unique, complete five-step approach. Bring 'SMART' alive in a plain-English, result-focused way
  • Plus - the holy grail: how to write objectives that tackle concerning attitudes and behaviour without using buzzwords or corporate-speak!
  • Includes our unique objectives design ‘trouble-shooter’ one-page tool

Objective-Setting is also part of our Flexible, Painless People Management Programme for groups or individuals


Most performance objectives are poorly worded! What if every Manager could access a searchable, online database of powerful performance objectives to help inspire them in 121's/appraisals? Welcome to Goal Finder.....

Struggle no longer! No more copying last years objectives, writing wishy-washy corporate-speak or just writing objectives that are basically 'carry on doing what you are doing anyway'!

We are the first to offer an online database of hundreds of example objectives for the performance you want. Just type in some relevant words specific to your situation and up they pop!

  • Concentrating on ‘What’ and ‘How’ objectives to include those difficult behaviour or attitude concerns
  • The database/email support is ideal for manager/HR use
  • Contact us separately if you would like a quote for our unlimited support, Ask for Help option so that your people can sense-check their objectives with us/get advice on how to build/word it correctly

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Personalising employee experience is a key future HR trend. We did it with flexible benefits, we are doing it with hybrid-working and we will be doing it with performance reviews....stream the video below for inspiration.

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Our real-life approach to objective-setting is also included in our FLEXIBLE, PAINLESS PEOPLE MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME