Presentation Skills – Public Speaking

Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Training

Once you have completed this practical half-day workshop you will want to stand up and present anywhere! Great structure and great content will build your skills and boost your confidence like never before.

Get their Attention & Get Results: Killer Presentation Skills
Half-Day - £995 plus VAT (£699 two hours online)

  • A new step-by-step approach
  • How to gain and keep the audience's attention
  • Avoiding 'death by PowerPoint'
  • How to calm your nerves
  • Dealing with questions
  • A structure you can use for meetings, presentations and even in emails

It's a lot of people's idea of hell! Standing up in front of people and presenting a topic or looking to convince the audience to your way of thinking.  The butterflies start, palms get sweaty and we think we are being judged, scrutinised and then someone will make a fool of me in front of everyone and I will have to just get through it.

But it really isn't the nightmare you think it is or has to be. If I asked you to stand up in front of an audience of fifty ad tell everyone they were getting a pay rise then you could probably do this! You wouldn't really be that nervous - everyone is getting more money and they will love the messenger! So this isn't really about you at all or how good you are at presenting. It's about what you have to say and how you are going to say it. So it can't be dry , text-heavy PowerPoint slide after slide. And it can't be a monotoned quiet voice that is struggling to hold everyone's attention.

This short session gives you the structure, content and speaking skills to make life a lot easier. You are already 90% of the way there and this session gives you that last remaining bit to be a powerful presenter. You don't have to have the presence of a motivational speaker; you don't have to adopt weird standing positions that will feel unnatural and you shouldn't ned to be imaging the audience as naked! There is another way.....

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