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And all in just half a day or less. Our practical, step-by-step workshops are in-Company or delivered 'Online Live' and start at £499 plus VAT. Click on the image or check out the brochure for our management training and personal effectiveness courses. We don't just cover the subjects above: we have lots of different sessions covering management and personal effectiveness. We also have our popular, modular 'Painless People Management Programme'. If you're looking for the big, reflective, academic leadership stuff then you'll find that elsewhere. We focus more on stuff you can do back at your desk in an hours time and will have immediate impact!

We have ran our practical and punchy sessions to thousands of people across the country. The emphasis is on freeing up time, making stuff painless and getting tasks down to minutes. Why wait to have years of experience when you can get the clever techniques, tools and great shortcuts now to make life at work simple!

Management training gets a bad name

There is that thing where people say 'its just people stuff - anyone can do it'. In that regard, its felt that training just isn't required. So here's what management and personal-effectiveness training shouldn't look like:

  • Delivered by a poor or boring trainer! Will they be a bit fluffy? Or worse: a bit David Brent! It's going to be someone who hasn't really been there, wasn't that successful and is now teaching and preaching to others.
  • Lots of academic business models that are all very well but won't really change what I do tomorrow morning. You can take me through Maslow's hierarchy of needs or freezing and unfreezing models of change-management! But what on earth do I do with this!
  • Pieces of laudable and righteous advice with no practical step-by-step technique. All very well saying that I should 'empower' people and 'be a role model' but what does this actually mean in practice and how do I do it whilst balancing everything else, office politics, company culture and ultimately getting all the other stuff done?
  • Silly icebreakers and role-plays that are often there to pad things out and because a trainer thinks they should be there.
  • Content I could read on the internet! If the trainer has cut and paste from elsewhere into Power Point then can I not just read this for myself somewhere?

So here's Our 'Disruptive' Promise

Do Your Managers Even Need People-Management Training?

Click here instead for our Online Live! webinar format. Save time and money with our web training delivered to your team. Wherever they are!

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