A Modular Programme

People Management

Our practical, painless people management training programme is an essential for new managers or those wanting to refresh/update their skills/benefit from new techniques and approaches.  Get the art of managing people down to just minutes each day. Modules are two hours long or less, delivered 'online live' to participants.

  • 1 Managing remote/home working for overnight results
  • 2 Amazing 121s and objective-setting using our '1-3-5' overnight results formula
  • 3 Difficult conversations made simple
  • 4 'Chameleon' management for great working relationships
  • 5 Powerful time management habits to keep the plates spinning
  • 6 Choose from either:
    • Managing Remote/Homeworking for Overnight Results
    • Recruitment Interviewing '3.0' for the best people
    • Killer Presentations and Public Speaking
    • People Management and Employment Law: “What do I do if…?”

96% of those surveyed post-programme said they would ‘definitely use’ the tools and techniques and ‘would recommend’ the training to other managers!

"Energetic and Inspirational People Management Training" - Media Agency Manager, London

"A different way of doing things I'll definitely use" - Manufacturing Operations Director, Reading

£599 plus VAT for each module per team (when just delivered to your organisation 'in-Company'). Contact us if you only have one or two people who need the training as lower cost options are available.

Click on the image or here: Lightbulb's Painless People Management Programme

Why do it?

People management? Anyone can do that right? I grew up with people, I know how to talk to them, I'm around them al the time - how hard can it be!

Some managers take the pay rise when promoted to manager and think this might just be about doing a bit of admin and delegating tasks. But people-management is so much more than that: from developing to managing performance, from difficult conversations to motivation and succession planning.

The risk of getting it wrong is good people leaving and, worse, an employment tribunal claim if you make too many mistakes with your people! This doesn't happen in or dealings with friends and family (mostly!) but it does when we put the 'manager' bade on at work. So, we need to equip people-managers with a set of techniques and tools to make it a positive and painless experience for all.

Also available in-Company and delivered in half-day format 

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