Employment Law Training

Employment Law Training

Three short workshops to give you only what you need to know and some of the skills needed to resolve those difficult people issues. PRICES ARE REDUCED WHEN DELIVERED ONLINE.

Legal Essentials for Managers
Half-Day - £995 plus VAT

  • Attraction and selection in recruitment
  • Equality and discrimination - facts and myths
  • Common 'people' scenarios at work and how to practically handle them
  • This workshops helps you to not get 'caught out' whilst solving difficult issues confidently, first time.

Good Banter, Bad Banter
75 Minutes - £399 plus VAT

  • The line between banter and unacceptable behaviour identified
  • Equality and discrimination - facts and myths
  • This workshops encourages us to have good social working relationships that can include fun and harmless banter that doesn't stray into more negative territory.

People Challenges Solved
Half-Day - £995 plus VAT

  • How to have difficult conversations for the best outcome
  • The skill of mediating between two people: step-by-step technique
  • What do I do right now if…..? ‘first response’ legal problem-solving for common scenarios at work

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