Manage Remote/Home Working for Overnight Results


  • Getting visibility, identifying and managing results in a unique way
    • The ground rules that keep us organised and get stuff done
    • Punchy virtual meeting technique that gets the team on the same page
    • At work but at home – the social/team spirit bit
    • What should be in your regular post-mortem remote working review!
    • Includes takeaway ‘back at the desk’ 360 checklist to make it work!


Pricing: £399 plus VAT per team - One hour

Logistics: You will be sent a link to connect to the webinar - you can use the audio from your PC or device or a local phone number is provided

What You Get:

  • Delivered live - includes interactive activities, chat and opportunity for questions
  • Virtual classroom style - flexible and convenient
  • Reduced costs/time as people do not have to travel to one location
  • Includes ‘Back to the Desk Next Steps', Total Recall key slides and online summary

Our Promise:

  • We don't fill time with academic, unusable business models or cliché acronyms
  • We don't preach what we have rarely, if ever, practised ourselves!
  • We give you step-by-step practical technique rather than generic pieces of 'advice'
  • Our techniques are often not found in textbooks and are focused on what actually works at work
  • Unique, inspiring content rather than the bog-standard agendas you'll find with other training providers
  • We train what we know works and what we and others have successfully used - rather than just copying stuff from textbooks!
  • We work hard to minimise buzzwords and corporate-speak