Total Recall: Killer Presentations

Killer Presentations That Get Their Attention & Results

1) Start with an opening bang that gets attention - a fact, stat, anecdote etc -normally something that will 'worry' the audience!

2) Follow with a persuading statement: If we....then or If wedon't...then...

3) Add 'must know' content (anything nice to know, complicated graphs etc can go in an appendix that is sent to them seperately)

4) Add a Story

5) Close with a positive closing bang' - something you haven't told them yet that will get them where you want to take them!

6) Script your first words to reduce nerves and get quickly to the opening bang!

7) Anticipate questions and worst thing you could be asked

8) Don't read off a Powerpoint - it's not supposed to be a script!

You should also have received the Total Recall document with the key slides and additional tips to help you further.