Our alternative approach

Every business says 'we are different'  from the others - But are they really? In some ways we're the same as our competitors but with some big, notable exceptions:

In our workshops and webinars -

  • Our workshops combine the style of a 'TED talk' with unique, step-by-step techniques and tools
  • No role-plays or gimmicky ice-breakers. People generally hate them!
  • We don't fill time with academic, unusable business models or cliché acronyms
  • We don't preach what we have rarely, if ever, practised ourselves!
  • We give you practical stuff rather than generic pieces of 'advice' - telling you to 'empower' people or 'actively listen' isn't always that helpful!
  • Our management training techniques are often not found in textbooks (where competitors may copy theirs from) and are focused on what actually works at work
  • Unique, inspiring content rather than the bog-standard agendas you'll often find with other training providers
  • Energetic and engaging delivery that won't bore you back to looking at your phone!
  • We train what we know works and what we and others have
    successfully used - rather than just copying stuff from textbooks!
  • We work hard to minimise buzzwords and corporate-speak

In our 'managing performance' and strategy/KPI consultancy work -

  • We do things in plain-English and with an eye on keeping it simple
  • If things can't be explained and understood in seconds then it's too complicated and won't happen!
  • We charge mainly for time spent rather than asking you to spend thousands on 'products or 'services'
  • We won't give you 'bells and whistles' that look good but won't get used!

In our HR/Employment law support services -

  • No long contract lock-ins
  • No faceless call centre - same 121 advisor every time
  • Commercial, not risk-averse advice - It’s not ‘you can’t do that’ - it’s ‘here’s how you can do it’
  • HR advice from people who have also worked in operations and at the 'coal-face'
  • Letters, handbook, contracts and policies written/reviewed for you - no online library of templates that forces you to do the work!!
  • Down-to-earth, jargon-free approach

So what are you waiting for...?