Managers struggling with objective-setting?

‘Lead the project...’,’ Take responsibility for…..’, ‘Raise your profile…’, ‘Collaborate with stakeholders….’: These are all poor objectives!

As you know, managers often struggle with writing good performance/development objectives when doing 121s/performance reviews; just advising Managers to make them ‘SMART’ doesn’t always help. Objectives can often be full of ‘corporate-speak’, may be subjectively worded and result in a ‘has it been achieved’ debate or they are sometimes written as ‘carry on doing what you are already doing’ statements!

We have designed and train a unique non-textbook, five-step, plain-English process to creating powerful objectives that gets the desired performance/behaviour/development in half the time. It has been trained to thousands of managers across the UK and we regularly revisit existing clients for refreshers.

For a FREE taster do send over some anonymous objectives from 121s, appraisals etc and we will re-word them in our format and give you some recommendations - no obligation, no gimmicks, no pestering follow-up sales calls!