Total Recall: Interviewing

CV Interviewing That Gets You To The Truth!

The Legal Bits

  • Those who haven’t been selected can bring discrimination claims
  • Ensure that you don’t ask questions that can lead someone to believe they have been discriminated against – present the job ‘warts and all’ and people who think it won’t be for them will de-select themselves!
  • Do not ask pre-offer health/disability questions
  • Keep notes if rejecting and detailed reasons

Interview Format

  • First interview should be manager’s CV interview: what they have done, experience, knowledge, background etc
  • Second interview should be more competency/behaviour-based
  • Consider some form of testing before second interview

CV Questioning

  • Divide the CV into activities and can’t be guaranteed results
    (e.g. ‘co-ordinated’ is an activity!
  • Ask ‘achievement’-related questions e.g.: “what got you a well-done on that”, “what do you mean by the word 'successfully'”

Interview Steps

  • Start with ‘5-part’ introduction
    • Thank them for coming, Introduce yourself, Tell them what you do, The role we are recruiting, Structure of the interview: Questions for you, Bit about us, Questions for me, Next steps
  • Focus on ‘achievement’-related questions and then any other ‘CV’ questions
  • Sell the organization in a unique way – tell them something they won’t hear elsewhere!
  • Answer their questions anticipating the worst thing they can ask
  • Next steps beyond today….

You should also have received the Total Recall document with the key slides and additional tips to help you further.