Personalising Your Employee Experience: No More One-Size-Fits-All!

We did it with flexible benefits and dipped the toe in with Bring You Own Device (BYOD) , we’re doing it with hybrid working – so what’s next? A personalised employee experience is predicted to become even more important in the future world of ‘employee value proposition’. The explosion of digital and data has seen lots of personalisation for consumers but that opportunity has yet to be fully realised and exploited on the employee front. ‘People Marketing’ enters the work lexicon for the first time; one-size-fits-all practices are out and in a post-COVID world people are reassessing what work means to them and what it needs to look like to keep their interest! From how I’m recruited to how I leave, the whole employee journey is ripe for throwing up in the air and reviewing. So what are you doing?

From our 'People 360' approach here is our six-step method to get ahead and set yourself apart in the world of 'EX'

  1. Identify Purpose and Values - Why do you exist and are your values alive and kicking in the organisation. Employees increasingly want a sense of belonging and connectedness, something that responds to what they think is important. And on values: try and keep away from the cliché single words that sort of go without saying: Determined, Passionate etc!
  2. Employee Journey - Map each stage of the journey from attracting people in to saying goodbye to them!
  3. Personal Groups - Identify the different groups of people/tribes you have so that your experience is tailored to what these different groups want /understanding their preferences. For example, you may have younger career builders v older, more settled people.
  4. Life Moments - Identify those moments that matter and how the org can support and recognise these - go further than the wedding day gift! What about a nice new doormat when people move house?
  5. One-Size Practices - Review and challenge all of your current practices
  6. Personalise - Where can you personalise when it comes to each of these practices - how can training and learning be tailored?; do you need everyone going through the same performance review processes; What ways can you understand satisfaction/ask for feedback rather than just using a generic survey for all?

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