Total Recall: Amazing Email

Amazing Email for Greater Impact

- Get your inbox down to no more than 30 items - everything else should be deleted!

-Get rid of folders you don't look at regularly

-Search on 'sent' and 'deleted'

-Set up 'chasing/waiting' and 'to read' folders

-Follow 'stress-free' inbox process (in your Total Recall document)

-Use 'what's in it for me/the benefit?' in your email subject lines using the Formal: Informal approach eg Budget Review: How to make it easier for you to start spending from April!

-Don't routinely CC people - With your boss, just send a quick summary email separately at the end of an email exchange with others so they see one email and not ten of your CC ones!!

-Follow the five killer tips in (your Total Recall document). For example, set up a CC rule so that all CC mail goes to its own folder!

You should also have received the Total Recall document with the key slides and additional tips to help you further.