Lightbulb Moments

  • Management Training UK

    Management Training UK

    Powerful management training for London & the UK together with personal effectiveness, recruitment interviewing and…

  • Interactive Live Webinars

    Interactive Live Webinars

    60 minutes of 'Lightbulb Moments!: Presenting our Magnificent Seven' Webinars: just £299 plus…

  • Painless People Management

    Painless People Management

    Our practical modular training programme takes the pain out of people management and…

  • Get On With Anyone!

    Get On With Anyone!

    The unique 'colours' approach across this session helps you to understand what motivates…

  • Team Development

    Team Development

    The cliché is 'teambuilding' but we prefer to just see it as getting…

  • 121 Coaching

    121 Coaching

    We offer three services: Our unique Tailor-Made solution: Where 121 coaching meets training!…