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Powerful management training for London & the UK

together with personal effectiveness, recruitment interviewing and employment law training - and all in just half a day or less. Our 'hardcore', disruptive workshops are in-company and start at £399 plus VAT. Click for our Latest Workshops  including the modular 'Painless People Management Programme'.

Our 'Disruptive' Promise:

  • Our workshops combine the style of a 'TED talk' with unique, step-by-step techniques and tools
  • No role-plays or gimmicky ice-breakers. People generally hate them!
  • We don't fill time with academic, unusable business models or cliché acronyms
  • We don't preach what we have rarely, if ever, practised ourselves!
  • We give you practical stuff rather than generic pieces of 'advice' - telling you to 'empower' people or 'actively listen' isn't always that helpful!
  • Our management training techniques are often not found in textbooks (where competitors may copy theirs from) and are focused on what actually works at work
  • Unique, inspiring content rather than the bog-standard agendas you'll often find with other training providers
  • Energetic and engaging delivery that won't bore you back to looking at your phone!
  • We train what we know works and what we and others have successfully used - rather than just copying stuff from textbooks!
  • We work hard to minimise buzzwords and corporate-speak
  • The best management training in London and the rest of the UK.

Ask about our FREE management training 'Managers MOT' questionnaire to help identify the right training needs. We also offer FREE 'Total Recall' weekly email reminders of key techniques/tips to help reinforce learning. Our 'One Month On: Is It Working' KPI evaluations also help understand just how much people use the training post-workshop.

Alternatively click here for our Online Live! webinar format. Save time and money with our web training delivered to your team - wherever they are!

  • 60 minutes of essential techniques from our 'training-room' workshops
  • Delivered live to your team only
  • The best bits from our half-day workshops

And here are our top ten tips for the best management training experiences, whether you are doing them in-house or bringing external suppliers in.

A taste of what we do:


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