Performance Reviews Painful?

The Best Alternative to Annual Appraisals / Formal Performance Review

...because only 19% of employees think their performance review / appraisal system is effective so what are the alternatives? Well, for starters you need to address two main issues:


  • The paperwork, formality and compliance that goes with it - putting it online or using expensive third party software isn't the answer for small to medium organisations as you're just replacing paperwork with clicks and screens and this detracts from having - you guessed it, conversations!
  • Everyone normally has to fill in and go through everything no matter if the person concerned is an overperformer, underperformer or just ok. One-size-fits-all!

Welcome to Chinwag: Our simple ‘low-tech’ process is based on prompted conversations, rather than going through lots of clicks or paperwork, and with ‘121s’ happening on an if, as and when needed, flexible basis. It’s managing performance and development – but in real life! It's reducing underperformance and keeping the best people for longer in the organisations using it.

'Chinwag' options include access to our unique 'Goal Finder' database to help managers design powerful performance objectives. It helps with what can be a tricky skill and there is nothing like it available anywhere!

Consultancy, the approach and the documents needed to roll-out our mechanism to your people starts from just £499. Click here for our Chinwag Overview

Here's six reasons why performance appraisals don't work and what to do instead!


Two FREE Offers For You:

Just want a sense-check for now? If you are concerned that your process isn't doing what it should when it comes to:


  • The quality of performance/development objectives
  • How performance is measured
  • The volume of paperwork and its content/format
  • Making pay and bonus decisions
  • Buy-in from Managers

Then get in touch with us - Send over your current performance appraisal process/example paperwork and we will email you a FREE, no-obligation view on what's good, what's not so good and our recommendations  - no gimmicks, no pressure and confidentiality is assured.

PLUS Send us some example performance/development objectives and we will redesign them using our unique 5-step method that goes beyond SMART!

PLUS Come along to one of our free seminars coming up for a peek at Chinwag!

If you're looking for alternatives to annual performance reviews and appraisals...look no further!

… And check out our new short video with tips around writing performance/development objectives!