Powerful Performance Objectives


Only 40% of people say that their objectives are clear, well-worded and focused! (CIPD survey)

What if every Manager could access a searchable, online database of powerful performance objectives to help inspire them in 121's/appraisals?

Struggle no longer! No more copying last years objectives, writing wishy-washy corporate-speak or just writing objectives that are basically 'carry on doing what you are doing anyway'!

We are the first to offer a database like this online – hundreds of example objectives for the performance you want. Type in any relevant words and up they pop!

  • Concentrating on ‘What’ and ‘How’ objectives to include those difficult ‘behavioural' concerns
  • The database/email support can be used by managers/HR or just for HR only where you want to support Managers yourself
  • Annual subscription £199 plus VAT
  • Goal Finder Plus: Ongoing email support for Managers to help them build powerful goals/objectives/metrics - From £79/month for the organisation
  • Goal Finder 121: Goal/objective-setting/KPI/metrics 121 surgeries with Managers –30 min sessions - £75/person

Check out some powerful Powerful Performance Objective Setting Examples

There is nothing like it available anywhere! Contact us now for a FREE 24-hour trial.

Going Beyond SMART objectives!

Managers have been advised to use SMART objective-setting at work for years. Now, there is nothing wrong with this approach on the face of it: Specific, Measurable etc but does anyone actually write an objective with these five steps in mind? Do they recite each one in their head and sense-check it against the objective they have come up with? Almost never! It’s as if the word SMART came first and then someone tried to shoehorn five words into it to make a convenient acronym.

In our work on performance appraisals and objective-setting one statistic above all others has been most surprising: 86% of objectives are not SMART. It is one of the hardest things to get right and managers need more help and guidance than the textbooks are giving. Just advising people to ‘make sure the objective is SMART’ is not good enough.

Consider these popular ‘objectives’: ‘Take responsibility for X’, ‘Lead the project’, ‘Be more proactive…’, ‘Share best practice around Y’, ‘Raise your profile!’

Here’s the problem: these are subjective, full of corporate buzzwords and will therefore lead to a ‘were they achieved’ debate; this becomes even more of a problem if the objectives have been tied to reward or ratings! The main problem is that as currently written they are activities and the individual can just say ‘I’ve done that’ for each of them. Obviously, objectives with a £ target next to them do not have this problem as they are not subjective (generally) – but many of our objectives are rightly non-financial. So, we need to be sure that what we write is as tangible as possible.

Check out our brochure for our managing performance and objective-setting workshops - both include our unique 5-step approach to design powerful objectives.

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