Management Training Online

'Lightbulb Moments! Our 'Magnificent Seven' management training, online live workshops. From £399 plus VAT each team.

  • Condensed versions of our 'training-room' workshops
  • Management training plus personal effectiveness subjects
  • Delivered live to your team wherever they are. Includes activities, chat and opportunity for questions
  • Virtual classroom style. Flexible and convenient
  • Reduced costs/time. People do not have to travel to one location
  • Includes ‘Back to the Desk Next Steps', Total Recall key slides and online summary
  • Check here for our most popular WORKSHOPS
  • Our LATEST BROCHURE shows you all workshops, most of which can be condensed to be delivered online
  • Our Painless People Management Online Live Programme is also available in live webinar format

Our Promise:

  • No academic, unusable business models or clichés
  • We don't preach what we have not practised ourselves!
  • Step-by-step practical technique. No generic pieces of 'advice'
  • Our techniques are often not found in textbooks. They are focused on what actually works at work
  • Unique, inspiring content. Not the bog-standard agendas you'll find elsewhere.
  • Minimal buzzwords and corporate-speak

A taste of what we do: