Interview Skills Training

interview skills

Interview Skills Training

We have two interview skills workshops to give you the essential skills and then more advanced techniques. Both workshops are not just about finding the right person, but also how to 'sell' the role and 'keep them warm' post-interview if you like them!

….And both workshops have built-in 'lie detector' techniques you won't see anywhere else!

The Powerful CV Interview - Half-Day - £995 plus VAT (£699 two hours online)

  • The recruitment interview structure from start to finish
  • The legal stuff - only what you need to know
  • CV shortlisting tools
  • How to tell a good CV from a poor one using a unique technique
  • Selling the role and organisation in a new way
  • Dealing with tricky candidate questions

Predict Attitude and Behaviour - Half Day - £995 plus VAT

  • Taking competency-based interviewing further to get away from the cliché questions and answers candidates have prepped too well for!
  • Identifying the behaviours you need for a role in a different way
  • How to design non-leading questions interviewees can't prepare for
  • A five-step approach for advanced behavioural interviewing
  • Practice time to develop this tricky skill

Candidates interested in your organisation have three things to entice them outside of the reward bits: Your brand, your website and the recruitment process. If your brand isn't well-known and the website is a bit corporate and dull then you are left with the interview bits - so make them count!

We often find in our workshops that 90% of line-managers who undertake interviewing themselves have never been trained! We watch 'The Apprentice', we see how others do it, we've been interviewees ourselves so we all have our 'bank' of questions to use. But that's the problem: we often ask the same questions for every interview, regardless of the role, its seniority etc.

To go further, a lot of organisations use competency based interviewing to bring people in who are a 'fit' and can demonstrate required behaviours. However, often these competencies are taken from a menu that has been determined for a particular role, using by reference to the historical job description. There is no real account taken of whether the position actually requires these competencies. Also, too many candidates have heard the same questions: " Can you give me an example of where you successfully influenced someone" etc etc! Many interviewees are prepared for these questions and have been probably already asked them last week when they were being interviewed elsewhere.

We therefore need a different approach.

Our workshops flip a lot of the clichés on its head as a breath of fresh air to take recruitment interviewing in a different direction. One of the benefits of our approach is that it's also memorable for candidates - when they leave you and go to other interviews you will have left them with a better impression around what interviewing should look like.

A Taste Of What We Do: