Powerful Performance Objectives

Only 40% of people say that their objectives are clear, well-worded and focused! (CIPD survey)

What if every Manager could access a searchable, online database of powerful performance objectives to help inspire them in 121's/appraisals?

Struggle no longer! No more copying last years objectives, writing wishy-washy corporate-speak or just writing objectives that are basically 'carry on doing what you are doing anyway'!

We are the first to offer a database like this online – hundreds of example objectives for the performance you want. Type in any relevant words and up they pop!

  • Concentrating on ‘What’ and ‘How’ objectives to include those difficult ‘behavioural' concerns
  • The database/email support can be used by managers/HR or just for HR only where you want to support Managers yourself
  • Annual subscription £199 plus VAT
  • Goal Finder +: We craft 20 popular objectives specific to your organisation only and incorporated into your Goal Finder access - £399 including one year access to Goal Finder

Check out some powerful Powerful Performance Objective Setting Examples

There is nothing like it available anywhere! Contact us now for a FREE 24-hour trial.