Total Recall: Red, Green, Blue!

Motivation and Behaviour

  • Behaviour is what we see/hear around us, but this might not fairly reflect how the person really ticks!
  • Understanding why people behave the way they do (what’s motivating it) helps us get on their wavelength and means we are more likely to be able to relate to them better and influence them more effectively

The Colours

  • Blue (People): Helping others, protecting them, caring, making life easier for them
  • Red (Performance): Getting stuff done, competing, achieving, organising people and taking risks
  • Green (Process): Logic, order, taking time to analyse and think things through, independent
  • Hub (Flexible): Getting things done within teams, striking group consensus, flexibility likes lots of options)

How To Use It

  • Use the tips sheet in the Total Recall full handout (you should have received separately) to guess someone else’s ‘colour’ and then use these tips/techniques to buy into/relate to where they are coming from
  • Think about why others behave the way they do – what ‘colour’ are they coming from? Does this change ho you deal with them?
  • Reduce your own ‘overdone strengths’ so that you can relate to others in better ways
  • Understand how you react to people when you are in ‘conflict’ with them and how they react – e.g. if they like to reflect on things don’t push them for decisions in the heat of the moment!