The Complete Solution For Results

Key Performance Indicators, SMART objective-setting, 360 feedback, performance appraisals,121 reviews: All have lost their way somewhat and may not be achieving the performance you expect.

We have simplified things with a menu of step-by-step methods and technique for overnight results. Pick from the following:

  • Our ‘One Direction’ solution identifies the goals, strategy and metrics to prioritise and measure progress at organisation or team level in a new way. Includes our ‘Early Warning Indicators’ approach.
  • We take this down to individual level by changing your approach to the Day Job and those dry, wordy Job Descriptions (‘what’ people should be doing) and Competency/Behaviour Frameworks (‘how’ they should be doing it).
  • Our signature, ‘Painless 121s/Performance Reviews for Overnight Results’ workshop introduces Lightbulb’s unique ‘One magic ingredient, Three triggers, Five steps’ formula that has benefited thousands of managers when setting expectations, agreeing priorities/objectives and reviewing progress. Add the companion ‘Difficult Conversations Made Simple’ workshop for added impact to ‘180 flip’ how these are currently handled.
  • ‘Chinwag’ is our personalised, flexible, low-admin 121 process that ditches traditional performance appraisal and tailors performance review to each individual rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Goal Finder - a searchable online database with hundreds of example objectives to inspire managers. There is nothing like it anywhere else and it’s included when you adopt ‘Chinwag’.

Click here or on the image to get on the right path - from strategy and where the organisation is going to managing team and individual performance. It's all here!

View our short taster video below:

Personalising employee experience is a key future HR trend. We did it with flexible benefits, we are doing it with hybrid-working and we will be doing it with performance reviews......