Stream The Webinar: 5 mistakes managers make with performance appraisals and what to do instead

Why 121s, Performance Reviews and Appraisals aren’t working for your People-Managers and what to do instead!

– Sound familiar?:
- Managers struggling to find the time for 121s and performance reviews?
- See it as an admin chore/HR compliance?
- Struggle to identify and write performance objectives or cut and paste previous ones?
- Conversations with people around progress sometimes result in disagreement?
- Working from home making it difficult to measure/manage others performance?
- Difficulty in motivating good people to go the extra mile?

Here are the five mistakes that people-managers are making in 121s, perf reviews appraisals and check ins and we have five unique solutions with a taster of our 1/3/5 formula for overnight results – Stay until the end for a free support offer!

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