Goalfinder: Our free smart objectives database


Most performance and development objectives are poorly worded! What if every Manager could access a searchable, online database of powerful performance objectives to help inspire them in 121's/appraisals?

Struggle no longer! No more copying last years objectives, writing wishy-washy corporate-speak or just writing objectives that are basically 'carry on doing what you are doing anyway'!

We are the first to offer a free online database of hundreds of example objectives for the performance you want. Just type in some relevant words specific to your situation and up they pop!
Concentrating on What and How objectives to include those difficult behaviour and attitude concerns!

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Working in HR? Contact us separately if you would like a quote for our unlimited support, Ask for Help option so that your people can sense-check their objectives with us/get advice on how to build/word it correctly. Our popular objective-setting workshops are also available.