View Our Webinar: Managing Performance in the new normal world


With the ‘hybrid’ of working from home and in the office set to become the ‘new normal’, how do people-managers get the visibility they need, have trust and ensure that people aren’t doing too much or too little! How do we deal with performance reviews and bonus/reward if it’s not always obvious as to what expectations are and whether they are being achieved? Add to this the logistics around not being able to just talk to someone at the next desk and it can all add up to bit of a management headache.

Join us for this punchy one-hour webinar to give you some new, practical techniques and direction:

  • How to identify, measure and track results for ANY role using the one magic ingredient!
  • You’ve heard of KPIs but what about ‘EWIs’?: The Early Warning Indicators that tell you whether too little or too much workload is being taken on
  • The three triggers that tell you what to zero in on in regular 121s
  • Performance reviews and the link to reward in a remote working world.

Aimed at HR professionals responsible for how performance is managed and MDs/Business Owners.