Struggling With Writing Performance Objectives?

As most of us know, managers often struggle with writing good performance/development objectives when carrying out 121s/performance reviews; just advising Managers to make them ‘SMART’ doesn’t always help and is a piece of cliché advice that has been around for years and normally results in groans when I even mention the acronym in our workshops. Objectives can often be full of ‘corporate-speak’, may be subjectively worded and result in a ‘has it been achieved’ debate or they are sometimes written as ‘carry on doing what you are already doing’ statements. In short, they can be so badly worded that they are forgotten almost instantly - a complete waste of time!

We have designed and train a unique non-textbook, five-step, powerful, plain-English method to create objectives that get the desired performance in half the time. It has been trained to thousands of managers across the UK in big and small organisations and we regularly revisit existing clients for refreshers.

We want to be able to get out to as many people as possible a better way of designing objectives and the best way is to show you what to do in a personalised way rather than just writing blogs and articles with advice and tips. So here's an early Christmas present for MDs, CEOs and HR: Send over some current, anonymous objectives that have been created in your organisation and we will re-word them using our unique method/give you recommendations: no gimmicks, no obligation, no follow-up sales calls! Just email them over to